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Abdominal separation – Get the right advice

Abdominal separation – Get the right advice

by Annette Beauchamp

The abdomen is a cylinder of muscle.   The transverse abdominis muscles (the horizontal core fibres) originate at the spine and travel around to insert into the rectus muscles.  The rectus muscles attach to one another at the linea alba in front.  This is a thin layer of tendon.

Abdominal separation is a usual consequence of having a baby. The abdomen expands to accommodate the growing baby and the expanding uterus; the linea alba tendon thins and spreads and the rectus muscles separate. Natural repair occurs following the birth. This differs greatly from woman to woman. A number of factors affect this. You inherit your “stretchability” and your ability and speed of repair. Your size and your baby’s size also have effect this.


Promote your recovery

  • Avoid the things that increase unnecessary abdominal pressure and therefore separation.
  • Roll on your side completely to get in and out of bed.
  • Draw your tummy and pelvic floor in, when you….
    • get in and out of chairs,
    • exercise,
    • cough and sneeze.
  • If you are pregnant, this feels like you are pulling your baby into your spine.
  • Wear supportive clothing while exercising.


Monitor yourself

Observe your abdomen when you are exercising, to see if it stays flat. Bulging of the abdomen means you do NOT have abdominal control; either the exercise is too intense for your body, or, your technique is poor.   Choose lighter weights and resistance while exercising.

 A word about fatigue in exercise. You may begin with great technique and after some time, your form deteriorates and then your abdomen bulges.  It is then time to rest.


Working Together

The abdomen and pelvic floor are co-workers!  Reinforce your abdominal core with your pelvic floor. Draw them both in together.
Get expert advice on the best way to contract your abdomen and pelvic floor.
Have an assessment before you return to exercise, the gym or running. Technique is important.
Come to SHE and learn how and when to use these muscles correctly. Reduce your abdominal separation safely. 


Enjoy your baby. Enjoy your body.
Personal care for personal health.
Please come exercise with SHE. Join Mama To Be Pilates or Mama Pilates.
See SHE if you are concerned about your abdominal muscles.
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