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Physiotherapy is  available during social distancing: online or in person.  

Home visits are possible under specific circumstances. 

Please ring or email SHE to find out what is appropriate for your child.



Constipation,Straining at bowel motions, Faecal (bowel) soiling, Daytime wetting, Night-time wetting

Information regarding childrens’ bladder & bowels

Children develop bladder and bowel control at different times. Children tend to inherit the age of bladder and bowel control from one of their parents.

Research tells us boys are affected more than girls.

Bed-wetting can persist beyond the age a parent believes they should have control.

In a classroom of 5-7 year olds, there will probably be 2-3 children who wet the bed.

25% of children will have associated day-time symptoms including urinary urgency and frequency, and wetting.  There is some correlation with constipation, and soiling.

This problem can persist into adulthood.  Less than 2% of 18year olds face this problem.

What can SHE do?

SHE will complete a full assessment to determine your child’s problems and create a personal management plan.

Parents and children both play a large part in the success of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy involves teaching good habits: adequate fluid intake, scheduling toilet breaks, and providing strategies to deal with constipation and soiling. Bladder training helps to develop bladder capacity and control urinary urgency.

What can I do before I bring my child to see the SHE physio?

Encourage drinking, and eating good fibre: fruit, salad and vegetables. Ask your child if they feel the need to go to the toilet. Notice if they are fidgeting – often a sign they need to go but are too busy.

For night-time wetting: stop drinks after dinner time

When is the right time to seek help?


It is worth seeking help for a child over the age of 4 with day-time problems, and for a child over the age of 6 with bed-wetting.


Constipation and soiling should be treated as soon as the parent notices it.