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Exercise in pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy

Body changes in pregnancy:
Your blood volume increases by a whopping 50%.
As the baby and uterus grow upward, the abdominal and lower chest size increase. This reduces the space for your lungs
But your red blood cells only increase by 25%

No wonder a lot of women feel breathless when doing exercise.

So how much exercise and how often:
You should do some aerobic exercise everyday. It keeps you fit for the later stages of pregnancy.
Walking is easy to do: aim for 20-30 minutes every day of the week.

Strength work should target the pelvis, gluteals and upper legs – for prevention and help with pelvic pains towards the end of pregnancy.

Specific Pelvic and Abdominal work: gentle endurance and some strength work is essential every day.

Very occasionally, there are reasons why women should not exercise. Talk to your “baby experts”: local doctor, obstetrician, women’s health physiotherapist or midwife if you are concerned about this.

Please know that DOING exercise is better for you and your baby than NOT DOING exercise

ENJOY your pregnancy.
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