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he health

he health

Men’s Pelvic Problems:

Prostate surgery – rehabilitation for the pelvic floor
Pelvic Pain
Bladder problems: please read the general entry for bladder problems
Bowel Problems: please read the general entry for bowel problems
Prostate Surgery is usually done to remove a growth within the prostate gland.
It is important to see your local doctor or urologist/surgeon regarding your prostate for accurate diagnosis before seeing Annette.

What can the Physio do for me?
SHE will complete a full assessment to determine your problems and create a personal management plan
You will be assessed before and after surgery. This includes internal assessment.
You will learn to exercise your pelvic muscles correctly.
You will also learn to relax to pass urine.
Any other urine or bowel problems will be assessed.
You will learn exercises and procedures for your hospital stay and for your recovery at home.

What can I do before seeing the Physio?
Drink and eat well. Get adequate exercise and rest.
See your local doctor if you suspect urinary infection.
Please bring your blood test results with you.
Please think about the level of effort required to pass urine or bowel motions before you come to see the physio.