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How many pelvic floor exercises should I do?

How many pelvic floor exercises should I do?

Pelvic Muscle Exercises – How many should I do?


New mamas are very interested in pelvic muscle exercises following the birth of their baby. There are so many references on the net advising how many times a day you should do your pelvic floor exercises. What should you aim for really?


So, Consider this….
What is the pelvic muscle made up of?

The pelvic muscle has different types of muscle fibres.
This is current and recent muscle fibre classification. It changes regularly.
Some muscle fibres contract strongly and briefly.   These are called Fast-Twitch, Type I, or red fibres.
Others contract gently and slowly. These are called Slow-Twitch, Type II, or white fibres.


How do you use your muscles during your day?

You use Fast-Twitch fibres during activities that require intense effort for brief periods: for instance when coughing or picking up your baby.
You use the Slow-Twitch fibres during activities that require less effort but for longer periods: for instance in standing and walking, carrying your baby.


When should I do my pelvic floor contractions?

Perform STRONG BRIEF contractions when you need to…
This means contract strongly when you:

  • cough, sneeze,
  • lift your baby or anything: shopping, washing and cooking pots,
  • lift yourself: in and out of bed, a chair, the car or off the floor.

You will do a great many STRENGTH contractions during your day if you do them when you need to.


Perform GENTLE SLOW contractions regularly throughout the day.
You will do more exercises IF you tie them to an activity you are doing already.
If you have a baby, do the exercises when feeding your baby.
If you are a working, do the exercises when you have your breaks: perhaps when you have a drink: water, tea, or even a wine!   Perhaps when you wash your hands.

  • Aim to do about 10 repetitions on each occasion.
  • Hold for up to 10 seconds with about 10 seconds of rest between each contraction.


For now, concentrate on establishing a routine.

How you perform the pelvic muscle contractions is important. This is called technique. The quality of pelvic muscle contraction benefits from “hands on” learning with a women’s health physiotherapist. Make an appointment if you want to improve your technique, or if you would like help in establishing a pelvic muscle program.


Can you work out how long you should hold a contraction? – well that is another blog……


Enjoy your body.
Enjoy your pelvic muscle exercise program.
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