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Mastitis & The painful breast

Mastitis & The painful breast

Mastitis can be distressing. Any one who has experienced it can tell you without a doubt that they felt very unwell.

Mastitis is related to breastfeeding. You may feel pain or discomfort. You may notice a dense area in the breast with or without smaller lumps. The area may be pink to red and warm to hot. There can be a reduction in breast milk volume. You may notice that baby is a fussy feeder and pulling at the breast during feeding. The symptoms can spread from the breast to cause body wide symptoms that resemble the flu or gastro-flu.

What to do? Get help ASAP.
Please call or text SHE for an appointment. The aim is to see you as soon as an appointment can be scheduled, within 24 hours, and hopefully on the same day. SHE provides ultrasound and laser.  Mums notice a difference by the end  of treatment, and usually continue to improve over the next few feeds. You will learn how to massage your breasts gently in the correct way during an episode of mastitis. You will learn how to avoid future relapses.

In the mean time, try breastfeeding the baby on the effected side first at the beginning of each feed.

Enjoy your baby. Enjoy breastfeeding.
CONTACT US:  Call SHE for an appointment. Ring or Text SHE as soon as you can.