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WHY my pelvic floor feels different after a vaginal birth

WHY my pelvic floor feels different after a vaginal birth

Things feel different since you have had a baby.
Your growing baby was contained within your expanding uterus for 40 weeks. In probably less than one day, the baby travelled through the birth canal expanding the cervix and vagina to10cm and then almost as quickly reducing dramatically in size again.

You may have noticed changes. The vagina may feel looser and shaped differently. The ability to squeeze and hold your pelvic muscles is different. Your level of warning to have a bowel action or to pass urine may have changed. You may be nervous about intercourse for the first time post-natally.

So your vagina may not return to its “normal” pre-pregnancy shape and size. However, this is the new normal – a very post-natal “usual”.

Are you concerned that you feel different and do not know trust that it is ok.
Please come to SHE to have a pelvic assessment to learn about your “usual” vagina and pelvis.

SHE Physio will thoroughly assess your abdomen and pelvic floor, and SHE Pilates will show you how you should do you abdominal and pelvic exercises. SHE can help you with any symptoms that you may be experiencing. And SHE can talk to you about the finer points of sex post-natally.

Enjoy your baby


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