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The perfect posture when feeding baby

By Annette Beauchamp

What’s aching?

Neck, upper back, ribs, chest, shoulders, coccyx, lower back?

Some mums spend 8 hours a day feeding – often sitting poorly.

Sit Up and Read!

I see Mums with aches related to feeding posture.

Sitting posture:

Aim for full back support that lets you sit tall. Choose a chair with a tall back preferably up to the top of your back.  Alternatively, place the chair against the wall, so that you can lean back on to the wall.  If the chair base is too short for you, place a firm pillow behind you – lengthways.

Put both feet on the ground.  If you can’t reach the ground, place something on your feet that allows you to take weight through your feet.  Have your knees no higher than your hips.

DON’T cross your legs or feet:  It encourages you to take weight through your coccyx.  Sit on your “sIT” bones (IT = ischial tuberosities)

Lift your baby up to your breast – DON’T curl down to reach the baby.

Stand-up before offering the second breast –  especially,  if you are feeding for a particularly long time.

Remember your posture: if it’s just OK, it’s probably not OK.

Enjoy your baby!

SHE Physio + Pilates can help fix upper back or neck pain. To make an appointment contact us