SHE Physio Pilates are experts for pregnancy and post-natal care - She Physio & Pilates
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SHE Physio Pilates are experts for pregnancy and post-natal care

SHE Physio Pilates are experts for pregnancy and post-natal care

Why choose SHE Physio Pilates for exercises when pregnant and postnatal?

Annette Beauchamp, principal physiotherapist at SHE Physio Pilates, has 21 years exclusively in women’s health. This is a highly specialized area of physiotherapy and healthcare.

Likewise, all members of our team are highly experienced in women’s health. Our combined education and experience ensures expert personal care for your personal health.

Women’s Health Physiotherapists complete a minimum of 4years undergraduate degree education as well as additional post-graduate education in the management of disorders specific to pregnancy, post-natal as well as other issues relating to women’s health. This means SHE physios are experts in basic musculo-skeletal problems as well as issues surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

Small group sizes are important at SHE Physio Pilates. You receive close instruction, supervision, and feedback, and modifications to increase or reduce the workload specific to your needs – because SHE sees issues as they arise.

You are given tips for maintaining your physical health in pregnancy and following birth, including back and lumbar pain, abdominal separation, bladder and bowel problems and breastfeeding practices and problems that may arise.

You have access to the therapist that is familiar with your body if problems arise.


SHE Physio Pilates has very small groups: 4 women per class in the studio and up to a maximum of only 8 women in the park.

SHE promises to assess you before your first class to determine your needs.

SHE is baby friendly. Please bring your baby with you.

SHE promises not to take you beyond your safe exercising zones while pregnant and post-natally. SHE will not mistake enthusiastic leading for safe leading in exercise.

Unqualified and inappropriate exercise instructors may worsen abdominal separation and pelvic problems: prolapse, bladder and bowel leakage.

SHE’s dedicated programs and expert instruction are designed to reduce abdominal separation and treat prolapse and pelvic muscle weakness.

There is no other physio and pilates service like this in the area.

Enjoy your baby. Enjoy your body.
Please come to exercise with SHE. Join Mama To Be Pilates or Mama Pilates.
SHE Physio Pilates: personal care for personal health.
Call on 0408 465 312