Pilates Reformer Mat Pregnancy | She Physio & Pilates South Melbourne
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She Pilates offers pilates on an individual and small group basis.  An initial assessment determines your needs and sets your goals. Pilates sessions are enjoyable and achievable.

Sessions are 55 minutes long.

Classes involve floor work and use a variety of equipment including the reformer, tower, and smaller equipment: elastic tubing, balls, rings, weights.

Classes are available for individuals or 2 people in a session.

Group classes are small – up to 6 people only – to allow for close supervision and use mats and small equipment.




Pilates will help you stay strong and flexible. Pilates will challenge your fitness.
Classes are based on the Pilates principles; good posture, alignment, breath control, core strength, and flexibility.
She Physio Pilates classes are small and closely supervised by a physiotherapist.


OVER 50s


Over 50s exercise class uses pilates equipment and general fitness equipment.
There are changes in your body following menopause.
SHE Exercise focuses on quality exercise for women in the peri-menopause and post-menopause, and for men in later life.
Aims of over50s exercise groups:

  • build bone strength
  • strength in the larger muscles of the back, shoulder and pelvis
  • arm and leg strength
  • abdominal and pelvic muscle strength
  • flexibility in your spine
  • muscle flexibility – stretching and strengthening
  • balance and co-ordination
  • posture




Osteoporosis is the term used to describe reduced bone density.  There is increased risk of fracture from minor bumps or falls. It is diagnosed with a bone density scan that your local doctor would order.
SHE Exercise for those with lower bone density focuses on:

  • increasing bone density in the vulnerable areas of spine and hips
  • muscle strengthening
  • improving posture
  • balance and co-ordination
  • exercise tolerance for standing and walking

This is achieved through a targeted exercise program to suit your needs.
Physiotherapy can also be provided if you should sustain a fracture.





Pilates exercises are used for rehabilitation of  specific muscular and skeletal problems.  The exercises are tailored to your condition and abilities.  You will learn to use muscles that stabilize your body during movement.  This includes the deep stabilizing muscles of the abdomen, pelvic floor and low back.  Over time, you will reduce your recurrence of injury, build stability, strength and flexibility.  Pilates will help you return to your sport or exercise regime.
SHE Physio Pilates uses pilates to help people with low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, gluteal pain, pelvic instability, and a variety of other problems.
It has helped clients return to higher level sport.
She Physio Pilates classes are small and closely supervised by a physiotherapist.




She Physio Pilates offers general exercise to help you achieve fitness.
Over 50s have increasing challenges to balance, posture, and cardiac endurance.
Pilates is safe and gentle to the body and concentrates on technique in movement.
Pilates and general exercise at She will build strong muscles, improve, abdominal and pelvic strength, and help with joint pain


Pilates for women during pregnancy.
Mama-to-be pilates is run on Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 6:30pm. Bookings are essential.
SHE Pilates focuses on safe exercise during pregnancy:

  • pelvic stability
  • abdominal and pelvic muscles
  • back safety
  • gluteal, leg and arm muscles
  • care for your changing body
  • education as you approach the birth

Pilates group sessions for women following childbirth.
Please bring your baby with you.
Mama Pilates is run on Monday at 2pm, Wednesday at 11:30am, and Friday at 12:30pm. Bookings are essential.
SHE Pilates focuses on safe exercise to the recovering new mama body:

  • abdominal separation recovery and strength
  • pelvic muscles strength, endurance and function
  • back movement and strength
  • pelvic stability
  • gluteal, and leg muscles
  • chest mobility and arm muscles
  • education about your changing body
  • care for your recovering body

Joseph Pilates created the movement “contrology” focusing attention on postural alignment, breath control, and strength of the deeper abdominal muscles. His studio was associated with the New York City Ballet . The ballerinas required of Pilates, intense postural control, strength and range of movement. This practice was taken up by Hollywood stars, the media and eventually physical health science caught on. Studies throughout the 80s and 90s confirmed the importance of control of the deep abdominal muscles, in movement and spinal control.
SHE Physio Pilates brings you art of movement supported by physical science.
Pilates keeps you well and helps you get better.